Welcome to the Reisig Lab!

Our lab is focused on designing experiments that will create positive impacts and outcomes for our stakeholders, which include county agents, producers, crop consultants, and those in the agricultural industry.  Our driving goal is to bring this information and outside information in a relevant, timely, scientific, and understandable fashion to benefit North Carolina field crop producers.  We are currently focused on generating support and curricula for county agent training and increasing non-Bt refuge compliance. Our program’s broad research objectives include the improvement and expansion of integrated pest management practices and knowledge for insect pests of corn, small grains, soybean, and cotton. We wish to characterize important biological and ecological factors of arthropod pests and associated organisms in these crops. Our major focal organisms are Helicoverpa zea and stink bugs, which are pests that have been influenced from the widespread adoption of Bt field crops across the state; similar insects are major worldwide issues. Our lab’s position in the eastern portion of the state is exclusive in the department and provides graduate students a unique learning experience.